Terzic about the start of the BVB season - "Big load" at Moukoko

Terzic about the start of the BVB season - "Big load" at Moukoko

Edin Terzic

Edin Terzic

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Edin Terzic draws a positive conclusion about the start of the BVB season. He also praises the way the team works and counts on a liberation from Youssoufa Moukoko.

The start of the season at Borussia Dortmund shows that Edin Terzic very satisfied, especially with the working method behind it. The performances in the first games were not always as desired. He spoke of a "big burden" on Youssoufa Moukoko, which hopefully has now fallen off.

After the first seven match days and in the middle of the first international break, the BVB in second place. Five wins and two defeats were the previous results in the Bundesliga. In the Champions League they won the opening game against Copenhagen and a week later suffered a narrow 2-1 defeat at Man City.

A start of the season, which Edin Terzic evaluates as positive. "We really wanted the 15 points and we deserved them," he said at the talk Ruhr news satisfied. He pays much less attention to the fact that six points were not taken than to the counters on the credit side.

Terzic sets an example: Minimalism and hard work pay off for Dortmund

So far, this thinking has also been reflected on the pitch. A rather minimalist way of thinking, one might think. in the district derby the fourth 1-0 win of the season was already achieved. This is unusual in two senses: Firstly, because Borussia was always known as a goal machine. On the other hand, because only in a few exceptional cases was the game won without conceding a goal.

Of the focusIt was necessary to stabilize the defense "because last season we often had to score two or three goals to win games," said Terzic. Nevertheless, the goal is still to bring attacking football to the pitch "that we all fell in love with".

"I wasn't satisfied with the performance at the beginning," he admitted in retrospect. Many a win in the first few weeks, for example against Bayer Leverkusen or against them TSG Hoffenheim, could well have tilted. But they didn't. Another reason why black and yellow are already three points ahead of the FC Bayern has to show.

He understands that many fans are hoping for a chance at the championship because of this. "But we only compare ourselves to ourselves yesterday," Terzic didn't want to look too far into the future. "Where have we been, where do we want to go?" is the working motto.

The coach continues: "You can be sure that we want nothing more than to become German champions. I just don't know when!"

Terzic on Moukoko: "I'll keep telling him what he's not doing well"

Another focus of the conversation was dedicated to Youssoufa Moukoko. The young striker, who was not exactly happy about the short playing times in the last few months of last season, but who is said to have a very good relationship with Terzic.

"A great burden fell off him," he said. What was meant, of course, was the redeeming goal in the district derby last weekend. "We hope that Mouko can draw strength from it."

And yet he didn't always want to smear honey around his mouth. "But it's my job to tell him at the young age of 17 what's not so good," Terzic warned. Especially in view of the planned contract extension, he will not change compared to the youngster and "keep telling him what he is not doing well". The coach sees his responsibility in this.

"I always want the best for the young players. As technical director, I wanted to be the link. Consultants want to earn money. I want the boy to collect playing time and eventually play in the big stadium," he said, describing the development goal. He emphasized: "But the players have to show performance and this greed."

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