Terror suspects expected delivery of castor seeds shortly before raid

In Castrop-Rauxel, investigators carry a box from the house where an anti-terrorist operation took place. A 32-year-old Iranian is said to have prepared a serious attack in the Ruhr area – with substances that are considered biological weapons of war.
Image: dpa

Two Iranian terror suspects in the Ruhr area were probably expecting a delivery of castor seeds on the day of their arrest. It can be used to create a deadly poison that is considered a bioweapon.

ZAccording to dpa information, two brothers arrested after an anti-terrorist raid in Castrop-Rauxel had expected a delivery of castor seeds on the day before the attack or on the day itself. According to investigators, this is confirmed by chats on the cell phones of the two Iranians. “Focus online” had previously reported.

From the seeds, the two could have created a deadly poison that could be used as a bioweapon. It is unclear whether the delivery arrived. Nothing was initially found during a search of the 32-year-old suspect’s apartment and two garages. The investigations against the 32-year-old and his brother (25) continue. The defender of the 25-year-old told “Focus online” that he wanted to wait and see the files first. His client initially made use of his right to remain silent.

The two men were arrested by a special task force on Saturday night. The Attorney General in Düsseldorf accuses them of conspiring to commit a crime. It’s about murder.

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