Teichtmeister accused of child pornography: Why now?

SFor a week now, since the indictment against the Viennese actor Florian Teichtmeister for possession of so-called child pornographic images became known, the Austrian capital has hardly known any other topic. Up to this point, Teichtmeister was a bright star not only on the domestic stages, on the largest of which, the Burgtheater, he belonged to the ensemble. He played more or less central roles in television productions that were also broadcast in Germany, such as “Tatort”, and ironically the commissioner in the crime series “Die Toten von Salzburg”. And the film “Corsage” about Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”), in which he plays a leading role as Emperor Franz Joseph, has even been nominated for the foreign Oscar. In short, the drop is great.

But Teichtmeister is not the only thing to talk about – no matter how interesting the public figure may be, who was invited to the Austrian Parliament in 2016 to speak at an event against child abuse to read texts. The debate has long revolved around whether supervisors and producers shouldn’t have investigated the rumors that had been circulating internally for a long time much earlier and more consistently. And, of course, politicians immediately switched to the subject and are practically unanimously calling for tougher penalties and more investigative tools for the police to take action against relevant crimes.

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