taz research on the Reichsbürger raid: a list of 18 names

A suspected enemy list was found on a terrorist suspect. This is what top politicians and journalists stand for.

Police officers in front of the Reichstag building

Listed: Members of the German Bundestag Photo: Pierre Adenis

BERLIN taz | The alleged right-wing terrorists, who are said to have planned a coup, apparently operated with enemy lists. According to taz information, a list of 18 names was found on one of the accused. The people listed are politicians and journalists. Among them are seven members of the Bundestag who were informed of the facts by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) on Wednesday morning. According to taz research, the list includes Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens), SPD Chairwoman Saskia Esken, SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert and CDU politician Armin Laschet.

The SPD leader Saskia Esken told the taz about the list of names: “We must not underestimate the danger posed by violent Reich citizens. These people don’t just fantasize about conspiracy theories. They had concrete plans that they were willing to implement,” said Esken.

According to taz information from security circles, CDU party and parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz is also on the list. He did not want to comment on the request.

According to the investigations of the Attorney General, some of the terror suspects are said to have planned to force their way into the German Bundestag with a small armed group in order to arrest members of the Federal Government and MPs present there. According to an internal assessment by the Bundestag police, the potential dangers resulting from the cooperation of the security authorities were “always manageable”.

According to the investigators, the list was not secured this Wednesday, but before the current procedure was initiated. According to a risk assessment by the Federal Criminal Police Office for Parliament, there have been no indications of a specific risk to date.

When asked by the taz, the Federal Criminal Police Office did not want to say whether the journalists listed were also informed about the matter. According to taz information, at least three prominent TV presenters of public broadcasts are on the secured list. According to information from their broadcasters, these have not yet been informed by the police. The Attorney General did not want to comment on the matter when asked by the taz.

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