Taylor Swift: Isn’t she singing at the Super Bowl?

Taylor Swift
Doesn’t she sing at the Super Bowl?

An appearance at the Super Bowl 2023 does not fit into Taylor Swift's schedule.

An appearance at the Super Bowl 2023 does not fit into Taylor Swift’s schedule.

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Disappointment for Taylor Swift fans: according to media reports, the singer will stay away from the Super Bowl 2023 – for this reason.

Taylor Swift (32) has apparently turned down an offer to perform on the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. This is reported by several US media, including “people” and “TMZ”. As “TMZ” claims to have found out, the singer was asked to headline “months ago”. Her answer was clear: she did not want to perform until she had re-recorded her first six albums.

An announcement by the NFL had set the speculation rolling. In the night from Thursday to Friday announced the American football leaguet that Apple Music replaces Pepsi as the main sponsor of the Super Bowl. Taylor Swift fans believed that the Coca-Cola ambassador would now be able to make an appearance.

In addition, “want” Taylor Swift according to “TMZ” appear at the Super Bowl. It just doesn’t fit at the moment. An appearance at the Super Bowl 2024 depends on the completion of the new recordings.

Taylor Swift is fighting for song rights

The background: The US music entrepreneur Scooter Brown acquired the Big Machine Label Group recording studio for $300 million in June 2019, securing the rights to the master recordings of Taylor Swift’s songs that were once under contract there. Affected are their first six studio albums, all of which were created there.

Because Swift did not agree and is also considered to be at odds with Braun, she resigned in one Interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” to completely re-record all previous albums.

The new album “Midnights” will also be released on October 21st. As Taylor Swift announced on social media“the stories of 13 sleepless nights” will be heard on it.


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