“Tatort” today from Dresden: Felt truths

“Tatort” today from Dresden
Felt truths: Inspector Schnabel falls into the clutches of a conspiracy theorist

"crime scene" today from Dresden

Chief Inspector Schnabel (Martin Brambach, left) has fallen into the hands of a kidnapper who is making his demands in video messages.

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Are 150 children held captive in Dresden? At least that’s what a scumbag who’s keeping Inspector Schnabel prisoner believes. A “crime scene” about people who build their own reality.

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  • Moderately successful detour into the world of conspiracy theorists

What’s the matter?

In Dresden a woman is abducted on the street, the kidnapper addresses the public with a video message. He has obviously been sucked into conspiracy theories and claims that 150 children are being held captive in a Dresden basement. The police have 24 hours to free them, otherwise the hostage will die. The next day, Chief Inspector Schnabel (Martin Brambach) is also abducted. Karin Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski) and Leonie Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel) don’t have much time to save their boss’ life.

Why is the “Cat and Mouse” case worthwhile?

This episode highlights some of the basic problems that arise when dealing with sworn abusers. As long as everyone recognizes the same reality, you can talk to other people about anything. If this is not the case, it will be difficult. “For me, that’s a fact,” is the telltale sentence of a young man who spreads “alternative truths” on the Internet. On the other hand, Karin Gorniak points out: “There is a truth. We have to protect it.” Perhaps the most important message of this “crime scene”.

What bothers?

Movies about conspiracy theories quickly become simplistic, like in this one Münster “crime scene” from March this year. Even with “Cat and Mouse” the characters and plot are not very credible. It’s not really clear why a normal family man suddenly puts forward insane theses and becomes a hostage-taker. Just as absurd: the police sits a variant of the Pizzagate conspiracy and sends a special task force to a restaurant because it is said that 150 children are being held captive there.

The Commissioners?

Karin Gorniak and Leonie Winkler are both feverishly trying to free their boss from the kidnapper’s clutches. However, there are different opinions about how to get there: Should you get involved with the level of the kidnapper or stay true to his principles? So each of the commissioners chooses a different path – in the end both lead to the goal.

Turn on or off?

This “crime scene” would not have been necessary. If you are seriously interested in the topic of conspiracy theories, you should rather get the Podcast Hoaxilla listen

The Dresden commissioners Gorniak and Winkler also investigated these cases:

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