“Tatort: ​​Hackl”: How was it on the set with Joshua Kimmich?

“Tatort: ​​Hackl”: How was it on the set with Joshua Kimmich?

“Crime scene: Hackl”
How was it on set with Joshua Kimmich?

"Crime scene: Hackl": Ferdinand Hofer (Commissioner Kalli Hammermann, r.) and soccer star Joshua Kimmich (fitness influencer Kenny)

“Crime scene: Hackl”: Ferdinand Hofer (Inspector Kalli Hammermann, right) and soccer star Joshua Kimmich (fitness influencer Kenny) during the shooting.

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Soccer star Joshua Kimmich plays fitness influencer Kenny in “Tatort: ​​Hackl”. Ferdinand Hofer reveals who found the shoot “exciting”.

Ferdinand Hofer (29, Eberhofer thrillers) has been playing in the “crime scene” Kalli Hammermann, the assistants of the Munich investigators Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec, 68) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl, 64). In the new edition, “Hackl” (March 12, 8:15 p.m., the first) the actor a few, for him very “special” scenes with guest star Joshua Kimmich (28). How the shooting with the soccer star came about, who was particularly excited about it and which other “crime scene” stars he would like to welcome in a guest role, reveals Ferdinand Hofer in an interview with spot on news.

How did the shooting with Joshua Kimmich come about?

Ferdinand Hofer: It was more or less a coincidence. Somehow it became known that joshua is probably a fan of the Munich “crime scene”. The screenplay featured the role of fitness trainer Kenny and then Bayerischer Rundfunk asked Joshua if he would be interested in taking on the role. After he said yes, we came up with the idea that Kalli could become a fan of Kenny and inspire him to get more into his physical fitness. The screenplay was then specially adapted afterwards.

How much acting talent would you attest to Joshua Kimmich?

Hofer: I think he played the fitness coach Kenny with absolute confidence.

Did you prepare specifically for the scenes? And how did you like the joint shoot?

Hofer: Before shooting, I practiced all the football tricks from my playing days again. (laughs) I really enjoyed shooting together. It was really great fun. We had a great time on set. Maybe needs calli yes soon again a fitness coach?

Her role, Kalli Hammermann, is a fan of Kenny (Kimmich) in “Tatort”. How was it behind the scenes, were you very excited?

Hofer: Of course it was rotation something special, after all, it’s not every day you shoot with a professional soccer player. So I was a bit excited. But with Joshua rarely being on a feature film set, it was also something new for him and I think our excitement complemented it quite well.

Were there generally many fans of football star Joshua Kimmich during the shooting? And which experience in this context will you not forget?

Hofer: Of course there were some football fans in the team. And you could definitely tell that having Joshua on set was something special. The cast of Joshua as fitness coach Kenny was kept top secret until the actual day of shooting. I was struggling in the days leading up to not blabbering on set about who was coaching.

Would fitness influencer be a job for you too?

Hofer: Personally, I don’t have that much experience in fitness now, but that’s why I became an actor, so that I can make claims in the game that I have no idea about in real life.

Which fitness star do you like to follow and why?

Hofer: I don’t follow any fitness stars directly, but of course I follow other athletes like Manuel Neuer, Felix Neureuther or Maria Höfl-Riesch. What I admire about athletes is the level of ambition and persistence with which they pursue a goal. This is a good source of inspiration for my own motivation to achieve goals.

Which completely “Tatort” foreign star would you like to have in a next guest role?

Hofer: Staying on the topic of sport: Maybe Felix Neureuther as the murderous ski lift operator or Angie Kerber as the suspicious tennis referee?


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