“Tatort” farewell: How Meret Becker thinks about her film death

“Tatort” farewell
How Meret Becker thinks about her film death

Meret Becker hatched in "Scene of the crime: The girl who goes home alone" in her role of Nina Rubin for the last time.

Meret Becker slipped into her role of Nina Rubin for the last time in “Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone”.

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Nina Rubin is shot in the latest Berlin “crime scene”. Actress Meret Becker, however, had a different ending in mind.

Only in February did the “crime scene“Fans surprisingly say goodbye to Anna Schudt (48) and her role as Commissioner Martina Bönisch. Now followed on Sunday (May 22, the first) another dramatic exit from the Sunday crime series. Nina Rubin aka Meret Becker (53) dies in the new Berlin case “The girl who goes home alone” in the arms of her colleague Robert Karow (Mark Waschke, 50).

Like Martina Bönisch, Rubin was shot while she was working. What Becker even think about the end of her character? “I wanted a definitive end,” admits the native of Bremen in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Meret Becker wanted her character to die

However, the actress originally had “something else” in mind. “I wanted to die, but not like this. My desired ending was based on a book.” However, the author designed something else. “I thought it was a good idea, so I didn’t push my suggestion any further.” It has been clear since May 2019 that Meret Becker will leave the Berlin “crime scene”. It was said at the time that she wanted to devote herself to new artistic challenges.

According to director Ngo The Chau (45), the farewell to Nina Rubin be dramatic, “and yet not leave behind a completely broken Karow who may not be able to get back on his feet”. The prospect of further episodes is “very important” in this series, he explained in an interview with the broadcaster.

This is how the Berlin team continues

It has long been known who will follow in Becker’s footsteps. Actress Corinna Harfouch (67) takes over the investigation alongside Mark Waschke. It is not yet known when the first case will be seen with her. Robert Karow must first solve a case solo. Filming for “Tatort: ​​The Victim”, the working title, was recently completed. The broadcast is scheduled for the end of the year.

In washing kit In the solo thriller, a man who has been shot is found in a wooded area. Karow knows the victim from his youth and excludes suicide. The dead man was an undercover agent working for a well-known Berlin nightclub owner whose involvement in violent crimes has not yet been proven. His fingerprints are now on the murder weapon, but the club owner denies everything. Karow is not satisfied with the evidence, takes vacation, moves undercover into the victim’s apartment and follows in his footsteps…


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