“Tales of The Walking Dead”: zombie offshoot starts in February

“Tales of the Walking Dead”
Zombie offshoot starts in February

Olivia Munn as Evie in "Tales of the Walking Dead".

Olivia Munn as Evie in Tales of the Walking Dead.

© Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

The zombie offshoot “Tales of The Walking Dead” has found a German streaming home on MagentaTV.

For a long time, zombie fans had to wait for the third offshoot of the successful series “the Walking DeadNow it’s finally clear when and where “Tales of The Walking Dead” will be shown in Germany: According to a press release, MagentaTV, Deutsche Telekom’s streaming service, will be showing the six episodes from season one of the anthology from February 19, 2023 -Series.

This is Tales of the Walking Dead

The first season of “Tales of The Walking Dead” tells six self-contained stories. All-new characters make an appearance alongside familiar faces, but all characters face new adventures and dangers in the zombie apocalypse. Among them are Samantha Morton (45), Terry Crews (54) and Olivia Munn (42).

A second season of “Tales of the Walking Dead” has not yet been confirmed by AMC. The US cable channel has announced in the past few days that the first “The Walking Dead” offshoot “Fear the Walking Dead” will end with the eighth season starting on May 14th. In addition, the still untitled Rick and Michonne spin-off with Andrew Lincoln (49) and Danai Gurira (44) will not be released until 2024.


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