SZ Podcast: US indictment – ​​is Trump threatening an end like Al Capone? – Politics

SZ Podcast: US indictment – ​​is Trump threatening an end like Al Capone?  – Politics

At the weekend, ex-US President donald trump announced that he would be arrested “on Tuesday next week”. The message on the Truth Social network was linked to the call: “Protest, take our nation back!” Does it all sound like January 6, 2021 again when his supporters stormed the Capitol. Nothing happened until Wednesday afternoon.

The Republican, however, loudly blames the “radical left-wing Democrats” for the “terrible investigations”. They are a continuation of “the most disgusting witch hunt in history”. USA. For those outside, it’s simply about investigations by the New York prosecutor’s office into hush money payments to a former porn actress.

“We’re always waiting for the indictment,” says Peter Burghardt, the SZ’s US correspondent in Washington. It is an open question whether Trump would be taken away in handcuffs. Maybe he has nothing against such pictures, because Trump is “good for any surprise”. Maybe he’s even looking for this “show,” speculates Burghardt. It is certainly not a “witch hunt”, as Trump claims, but “very sensitive” for the prosecutor. Compared to other things Trump is facing criminal charges against, this case would seem “but quirky and insignificant.” Basically, it is “insane to talk about Trump at all”.

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