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Italy faces a real directional decision on Sunday. Because then early parliamentary elections will be held after Mario Draghi's government collapsed in the summer.

The so-called centre-right alliance currently has the best chance of winning these elections. This consists of the right-wing Lega, Forza Italia and the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia. Their candidate, Giorgia Meloni, would then probably become prime minister. In the election campaign, she stands out above all for her populist demands and right-wing nationalist statements.

That the right is so strong is loud SZ correspondent Oliver Meiler also because there is no large centre-left alliance in this election. The left-of-centre parties would fight each other and could therefore hardly do anything to oppose the right-wing national parties. This is also due to the Italian electoral system, which rewards large coalitions.

Meiler says that Giorgia Meloni is particularly popular because her party hasn't been part of the government in recent years - "and so many are now saying: she should try it." Your program is classic for a right-wing party, says Meiler: "Italians first, less Europe, conventional family, as few migrants as possible." At the same time, she has recently been more moderate - so as not to scare off international partners and the financial markets. But Meiler says: "This moderation is a mask!"

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Further news: More protests in Iran, mock referendums start in Ukraine.

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