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It is the largest nationalization in the history of the Federal Republic: the federal government takes over the gas supplier Uniper. The Federal Ministry of Economics confirmed this on Wednesday morning. The company had previously mainly bought cheap Russian gas and now has to buy more expensive gas from elsewhere after the supply stop. That is why it is currently losing several million euros every day.

Uniper provides 40 percent of the gas consumed in Germany. That is why the federal government had already helped out with an initial rescue package in July. Now he is taking over the shares of the Finnish major shareholder Fortum, which was previously the majority shareholder in Uniper, for half a billion euros. He will also pay another eight billion euros to increase the company's equity.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck also confirmed on Wednesday that the controversial gas levy is still coming. The traffic light coalition decided to support energy companies like Uniper in the crisis. But that's why there's a new dispute now, after the Uniper takeover.

"Habeck argues that the gas consumers then support a state-owned company with their money and therefore has constitutional concerns," says **SZ energy expert Michael Bauchmüller**. Habeck would probably also like to "shake off" the levy, continues Bauchmüller. Because the higher gas prices for consumers would always be associated with him. Finance Minister Lindner wants to avoid the levy being overturned. Because the resulting gap would have to be filled with money from the state budget.

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