SZ Podcast: Gender Pay Gap: How the Gap can be Overcome – Politics

SZ Podcast: Gender Pay Gap: How the Gap can be Overcome – Politics

Women still earn less than men for the same work. This is shown every year by the Equal Pay or Gender Pay Day. The day of the year until which women – compared to men – worked for free. Determined by the Federal Statistical Office since 1995.

“In Germany, just under every third manager is female,” says Felicitas Wilke from the SZ economics department. “Women are also more likely to work in lower-paying industries, lower-paying jobs, and more often part-time.” This is particularly evident after the birth of the first child. Then women’s salaries almost collapse, says Wilke. It is only over the years that this slowly aligns with the salary of men again. This is “of course due to professional breaks” such as parental leave or part-time work. “But it’s also due to the tendency for fathers to be more likely to get a raise than women after the birth.”

You can find Felicitas Wilke’s fact check on the wage differences here.

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