SZ formality: actor Jakob Gessner – sports

SZ formality: actor Jakob Gessner – sports

SZ: Sport is…

Jakob Gessner: …revival! my constant. A way to get rid of my thinking baggage.

Your current fitness level?

Strong. Not as pumped as before. more inconspicuous. 9 out of 10

Rim upswing or stopover?

Doesn’t that mean upswing?! Just googled – actually means rim upswing! I have to earn the stop-off.

Physical education class was for you?

Training. Then in the evening at the Augsburger Eiskanal for paddling.

Your personal record?

Three hours of yoga last week without breathing through your mouth.

Stadium or TV athlete?

Neither nor. Always prefer to do it yourself than watch it.

Bavaria or sixty?

I once had a sixties cap that I always wore when I went jogging. To be honest, I’ve never been able to do anything with football.

Your eternal sports idol?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A formative experience?

Solo sea kayak tour in Norway.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

In perspiration. Christian Stückl jokingly called me “The Augsburg Source” in the Volkstheater. I think I’ve worn out countless microports on stage because I was sweating so much. Sometimes I even had two glued on. They failed me regularly. If theater, then without ports!

Which athlete would you like to swap jerseys with?

Sha’Carri Richardson, “the rocket” (US sprinter, editor’s note).

Under the heading “Formality” the SZ asks people about their affinity for sport every week. Artists, politicians, captains of industry – just no athletes. It would be boring.

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