Sweetheart Stories: Farewell to the Queen

ZWe received a few letters from our last column. the picture-Zeitung had reprimanded Justice Minister Buschmann, who celebrated the agreement on the relief package with the tweet "It's done"; scandalous how picture thought, these were Jesus' last week on the cross. We had about it picture accused of lacking Bible stability, since these were not the last but the penultimate words of Jesus. One reader found this “embarrassing”: in the Gospel of John, it ended after “It is finished”.

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

Now Bible solidity is pretty much the last thing we claim for ourselves. At ours picture-Criticism but we referred to the "Seven Last Words", which the Catholic Church officially declared to be such, and then “It is finished” is followed by another sentence. May picture so please settle the matter with the Pope. The fact that the newspaper now declares Johannes to be normative may be due to the fact that its editor-in-chief also bears his first name. It's unusual for us, but has come up in the past decades picture only Matthew to speak.

The Queen, never forgotten

But let's now turn to something more important: The heart leaves have also said goodbye to the queen this week. In the Colorful- Self-promotion says that a special issue pays tribute to "the unforgotten queen" - and that would have been really surprising if she had been forgotten after such a short time.

Image: FAZ

Charles' coronation is tricky for some newspapers. They have always maintained that Charles is skipped over in the line of succession because he is too old and unworthy; not only the people wish William and especially Kate the crown, but also the queen. How to sell the latest development to readers? echo of the woman tries it like this: The Queen "due to her poor health was no longer able to put this wish in writing". Is clear, echo of the woman. It can happen that you delay something like that until you're 96 and too weak. Maybe I haven't had a pen at hand all these years, nor a servant who could have written it down.

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