Sweden: Nobel Prize announcements begin in Stockholm

Nobel Prize announcements begin in Stockholm

The Nobel Prize in Literature medal awarded to German writer Günter Grass in 1999.  Photo: Daniel Rein

The Nobel Prize in Literature medal awarded to German writer Günter Grass in 1999. photo

© Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

In the midst of crises and conflicts, the world looks to Stockholm and Oslo for a week. This year’s Nobel Prize winners will be announced there.

Before the impression of two and a half years of pandemic, the war in Ukraine and other crises, the Nobel Prize announcements begin in Scandinavia. To kick things off, the Nobel Assembly of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm announce who will receive this year’s Nobel Prize in the category of physiology or medicine.

The awards will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday physics and chemistry, on Thursday and Friday the equally renowned ones in literature and peace. At the end, the prize for economics will be awarded next Monday.

Almost 920,000 euros in prize money

This year, all Nobel Prizes are once again endowed with ten million Swedish crowns per category. That’s the equivalent of almost 920,000 euros at the moment. Except for the in Oslo Once the Nobel Peace Prize winners have been chosen, all other prize winners will be announced in Stockholm. Who was nominated for the awards is traditionally kept top secret by the various awarding institutions.

In the previous year, with a view to the fight against the corona pandemic, it had been speculated that the medicalNobel prize could go to the developers of the mRNA vaccines. In the end, David Julius from the USA and Lebanese-born Ardem Patapoutian received it. They discovered cell receptors that humans use to sense temperature and touch. The medical award – like the other scientific prizes – is often awarded to two or three scientists who, for example, have conducted research together on a topic. They then share the prize money.

With the exception of the Nobel Prize in Economics, all awards are based on the testament of the prize donor and inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) back. In it, Nobel had determined that the majority of his remaining capital should be invested and the interest from it should go as prizes to those who “have shown humanity the greatest benefit in the past year”.

Back on site for the first time since the beginning of Corona

The Nobel Prizes are traditionally presented on the anniversary of Nobel’s death on December 10th – the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, all other awards in Stockholm. Those selected also receive their prestigious Nobel medals and diplomas.

After two years with corona restrictions and greatly reduced ceremonies, the Nobel Foundation is hoping that the personalities honored in Stockholm can be duly celebrated on site this time – together with their colleagues from the two previous years. “This year we are not only bringing this year’s award winners to Stockholm, but also the award winners from 2020 and 2021,” said the director of the Nobel Foundation, Vidar Helgesen, of the German Press Agency in Scandinavia. “It will be the largest gathering of Nobel Laureates in a very long time.”


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