Suspected smugglers arrested – searches in three cities

Police operation (symbol image)

Around 300 people are said to have been smuggled by the criminal organization.

(Photo: imago/Rolf Kremming)

Berlin In the fight against suspected smugglers the federal police in the early Wednesday morning several apartments and buildings Berlin, in the Brandenburg forest and in Siegen (NRW). It’s about that commercial and gang smuggling by foreigners Germany, said a spokesman for the Federal Police Central Germany. Arrest warrants have been issued for six people. Four of the suspects had already been arrested on Wednesday morning, two in Berlin and two in Forst.

According to the spokesman, the investigation has been going on for several months. It should be about 60 cases, 300 people were smuggled. Most of the people were brought to Germany illegally, primarily from Syria and Iraq via Belarus.

There were initial suspicions on the German-Czech and German-Polish borders. According to the spokesman, the six suspects are Iraqi and Syrian nationals.

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