Susan Sideropoulos: The star gets out of “GZSZ” again

Susan Sideropoulos: The star gets out of “GZSZ” again

Susan Sideropoulos
The star gets out again at “GZSZ”.

Susan Sideropoulos will take care of other projects in the future.

Susan Sideropoulos will take care of other projects in the future.

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In January, Susan Sideropoulos complied with the wishes of the “GZSZ” fans and celebrated her comeback. Now that’s the end of it.

Susan Sideropoulos (42) celebrated her comeback in the daily soap “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” in January. Now the actress is saying goodbye to the “GZSZ” neighborhood with her role Sarah Moreno. This was announced by the broadcaster RTL.

In episode 7,750 on April 20 at 7:40 p.m. Sideropoulos can be seen for the last time. “I am very grateful that we made this ‘almost’ impossible, but possible,” the star said in an interview with the broadcaster. For her, the work was a mixture of emotional time travel and the opportunity to experience the series again up to date and in the now.

The reactions were “pretty good”. Most of the viewers would have been very happy to see the 42-year-old back in her old self neighbourhood to see. “Of course there were also critical voices, that’s totally fine,” said the actress. Her new role would have messed things up: “If some are angry, I take that as a compliment.” After all, she doesn’t make up the stories, she can just act them out.

Sideropoulos is confident viewers will be happy with the outcome of the story. A return to “GZSZ“She doesn’t rule it out: “I basically never say never!” The actress has already thought about a possible story. She likes it when things really get down to business. “Sarah and Leon come to visit Berlin to help, and then they end up in danger themselves,” she explained.

Other projects demand them

One highlight follows the other in her life. Her first song “Sag es weiter” with Marianne Neumann has been published, her second book “Taking life difficult is simply too exhausting” will be published on April 3 and she very much hopes that this will “give people a large portion of lightness”. Her plans for the Easter holidays and Passover are not quite set yet. “I’m really looking forward to a few days off,” she said. But she will celebrate the festival with friends and family.


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