Surprise with “Dancing Stars”: Amira Pocher is on the jury

Surprise with “Dancing Stars”: Amira Pocher is on the jury

Surprise at “Dancing Stars”
Amira Pocher is on the jury

Amira Pocher is a guest juror "Dancing Stars".

Amira Pocher is a guest judge on “Dancing Stars”.

© ORF/Amira Pocher

Surprise at the Austrian edition of “Let’s Dance”. Presenter Amira Pocher is on the “Dancing Stars” jury this week.

Same game, different perspective: presenter and podcaster Amira Pocher (30) is the new guest judge on the Austrian version of “Let’s Dance” (RTL). On Friday (March 31) she will sit at the jury panel in the live show “Dancing Stars” (ORF 1) alongside the two former dance professionals Maria Santner-Angelini (36) and Balázs Ekker (46). The broadcaster announced this on Tuesday.

“Let’s Dance” graduate and daughter of a dance teacher

Amira Pocher will decide with their points on the scoring boards which of the seven remaining “Dancing Stars” couples has to leave the popular dance show. However, the guest juror knows exactly how the prominent candidates feel. Because it wasn’t that long ago that she presented herself as a dancer to such a jury. In the 15th season of “Let’s Dance” (2022) she danced with Massimo Sinató (42) to the semifinals. But that’s not all. As the daughter of a dance teacher, the Carinthian native was born with an affinity for dance, so to speak.

She is accordingly happy about the new job: “About the request from the ORFI was very happy to be a guest judge on ‘Dancing Stars’,” enthuses Pocher. “I know how you feel as a candidate in such a format. To experience the whole thing from a different angle is really exciting. I’m looking forward to the candidates, the jury and, of course, to my home country of Austria.”

Amira Pocher has been married to comedian and presenter Oliver Pocher (45) since 2019. After the first joint steps into the limelight, she has long been a sought-after professional herself.


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