Super Bowl 2023: Match and Rihanna’s halftime show streaming

Super Bowl 2023: Match and Rihanna’s halftime show streaming

Super Bowl 2023
Match and Rihanna’s halftime show streaming

Rihanna, pictured here during a performance in 2016, hasn't been on stage for several years.

Rihanna, pictured here during a performance in 2016, hasn’t been on stage for several years.

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In the night of February 13th, one of the sporting events of the year is coming up again. So fans can follow the Super Bowl live.

With the super bowl 2023 is the annual final of the American football league NFL this Sunday. Due to the time difference, the event in Germany will only be visible on the night of tomorrow, February 13th. Here fans can find out when it starts – and how they can follow the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs as well as the famous halftime show, in which superstar Rihanna (34) occurs this year.

Who is broadcasting the spectacle?

Millions of spectators will again gather around the world in front of the TV sets for the major sporting event. Sports-Fans in Germany have several alternatives to watch the broadcast.

Anyone who wants to tune in the classic way via television can watch ProSieben from 10:25 p.m. Jan connector (63) will comment, as experts are Patrick Esume (49) and Björn Werner (32). In addition, the station also offers a live stream via Joyn and on “”.

With the sports streaming service DAZN the Super Bowl will also be broadcast. Christoph Stadtler moderated, Franz Büchner commented and Filip Pawelka was hired as an expert. However, access is only available with a subscription, which costs between just under 25 euros per month (with a “Standard” annual subscription) and 40 euros per month (“Unlimited” in the monthly “Flex” subscription), depending on the variant selected.

The league also offers its own subscriptions, the so-called “NFL Game Pass”. Fans can watch the full US broadcast live or on demand here. In addition to the more expensive “Mobile Only” and “Pro” variants, there is also a separate “Super Bowl Pass” for just under one euro.

When is kickoff?

The kickoff, i.e. the beginning of the match, takes place at around 12:30 a.m. German time. ProSieben expects that the halftime show between 01:30 and 02:00 in the morning.

What does Rihanna show at the Super Bowl?

What rihanna will show exactly is still a big secret. She wants to do a 13 minute show with some of her hits. However, it is not yet clear which songs she will sing, possibly titles like “Diamonds” or “Umbrella”. It is also not yet known whether she will welcome famous colleagues on stage when she makes her comeback. In recent years, the singer had largely retired from music and acted in public mainly as a designer and entrepreneur.


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