Summit of the autocrats in Uzbekistan: dictators dance in Samarkand

Cooperation partners meet in Shanghai for the summit. Turkish President Erdogan is among the dialogue partners.

Erdogan and Putin shake hands in front of the national flags of Turkey and Russia

picture alliance/dpa/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP Photo: Erdogan and Putin in harmony at the dictators’ summit

ISTANBUL taz | The best-known and most influential dictators and autocrats in the world will gather on Thursday and Friday for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit met in the historic metropolis of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. In addition to China’s head of state Xi Jinping were those of Russia Wladimir Putin, the dictators of the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as the host and as the representative of the so-called largest democracy in the world, India’s head of state Narendra Modi. His nemesis from Pakistan was also at the table.

In the midst of the illustrious circle, who see themselves as an alternative to the West and its institutions, so to speak, the wanderer between the worlds, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey may not be a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, but Erdogan obviously felt comfortable in the group. Another dialogue partner was his close ally, Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan – both of them demonstrated once again in Samarkand in view of the fierce firefights between Azerbaijan and Armenia this week that Erdogan was to blame for the renewed breach of the ceasefire categorically blamed Armenia.

In his speech in Samarkand, Erdogan emphasized that his country would like to strengthen cooperation with Asian countries in all areas. He pointed out that Turkey, as a geographical bridge between Europe and Asia, would also like to act as a political mediator. Although he was not a voting member of the group, Erdogan was given an extra round of talks on the sidelines of the conference with both the Chinese head of state Xin Jinping and Vladimir Putin. The meeting with Xi Jinping was not without explosive issues, as Turkey is historically and politically the natural ally of the Uyghur Turk people, who have been so massively oppressed in China in recent years. Many Uyghurs live in Turkey, for many the country is a natural refuge from repression in China.

But Erdogan urgently needs fresh capital and therefore wants to work more closely with China despite the Uyghurs no longer close.

In the talks, Xi advocated closer development cooperation and more political trust. There was no official talk of the war in Ukraine, although China and Turkey largely agree that peace negotiations should be held as soon as possible.

Putin told Modi that he would like to end the war quickly, but Ukraine refused negotiations and would rather have a decision on the battlefield.

China’s President Xi fully agrees with Putin

Like Russia, China sees the cause of the war in Ukraine in the Maidan uprising of 2014. In his speech, Xi warned against so-called “color revolutions” that could be instigated by the West in the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Group.

On this point, Xi is in complete agreement with Putin, who in turn sharply attacked the West in Shanghai. Specifically, Putin was concerned with the implementation of the grain agreement, which has allowed wheat and other foodstuffs to be transported from Ukrainian ports to the world market again since the beginning of August.

Putin sees the part of the agreement that provides for the resumption of Russian grain and fertilizer supplies as not fulfilled. The EU would prevent such deliveries from Russia.

Putin also wanted to talk to Erdogan about this point, since Turkey is the second contracting party alongside the UN who negotiated the agreement between Russia and Ukraine and are now monitoring its practical implementation. On Friday evening, at the end of the conference, Putin and Erdogan met for a confidential chat. According to Putin, the main issues were energy supplies and the possibility of Russian companies doing international business via Turkey.

Putin was then full of praise for Erdogan, whom he apparently wants to grant his wish for cheaper gas. Erdogan hopes to use cheap gas to reduce Turkey’s dizzying inflation rate of over 100 percent in time for next spring’s elections. He has already promised his compatriots that, unlike people in Europe, they will not have to fear a cold winter. Erdogan does not make many friends in Europe with this.

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