Students recover from pandemic

Students recover from pandemic

Dhe mental health of students has improved in recent months. This is shown by a study by the Demographic Change Research Center Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. At the end of 2021, 61 percent of the students surveyed said they were irritable or in a bad mood on at least two days a week, by August 2022 it was only about every second. In addition, 39 percent would have felt unhappy and depressed at the end of 2021 – this proportion fell by nine percentage points.

So the youngsters are doing better. But: “The exposure values ​​are all still above the level before the pandemic, so we have to be vigilant,” says study leader Andreas Klocke, who holds the professorship for social work and health at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

The data comes from a fairly spontaneous survey. Actually, the Research Center for Demographic Change, headed by Klocke, interviewed a total of 10,000 schoolchildren for the study “Health Behavior and Accidents in School Age” (GUS). Pupils in various federal states repeatedly provided information about their physical and mental health over a period of several years.

Since the same children were interviewed again and again, longitudinal data are generated: the development over several years is shown; according to Klocke, causal connections with external events can also be established in this way. The study was planned from 2014 to 2020. With the onset of the Pandemic However, the researchers decided to interview the same students two more times: in 2021 and 2022.

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