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It runs in a dead straight line through the Westend: Gollierstrasse. Around the middle, it expands on both sides and forms the lush green Gollierplatz. In the direction of Trappentreustrasse, it seems a bit sleepy: hardly any shops, mostly faceless fronts of residential buildings, here and there a planted inner courtyard. It shows more activity on the side of Gollierplatz facing Theresienwiese.

Streets in Munich: The Bavarian lion has trouble asserting itself brilliantly on Gollierstrasse.

The Bavarian lion is struggling to assert itself brilliantly on Gollierstrasse.

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There are shops, handicrafts and restaurants. And yet the residents praise how familiar it is: "You know each other, you greet each other, that's no longer normal in Munich". However, they also fear that the Westend could develop into the new hip district.

Here the catering establishments play a role, which have become more and more numerous in recent years, from the "dignified economy" type to the vegetarian "Das Gollier". The "Stoa" is one of the busiest.

Most pronounce the name "Gollier" in French. That sounds elegant, but unfortunately it is wrong. The street name refers to the Gollier family, a Bavarian aristocratic family that was first mentioned in a document in the 13th century. She probably made a living from the wine and salt trade.

There is still a small wine shop in Gollierstrasse today. But people from other districts tend to come to the Westend because of the multicultural flair. Be warned: A stroll through Gollierstraße can easily last a whole day: shopping, haircuts, dining in one of the specialty restaurants and finally a mud pack in Gollierbad.

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