“Stranger Things”: Presentation for the last season stirred bosses

“Stranger Things”
Presentation on last season stirred bosses

The Mystery Series "StrangerThings" has been wowing Netflix audiences since the first season in 2016.

The mystery series “Stranger Things” has thrilled Netflix audiences since the first season in 2016.

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The creators of the Netflix series “Stranger Things” have apparently moved their bosses to tears with a pitch for the final fifth season.

The creators of the mystery series “Stranger Things” apparently brought the Netflix bosses to tears with the presentation of the last season. “We made our executives cry, which I took as a good sign,” director Matt Duffer said at an event in Los Angeles, as reported “The Hollywood Reporter” reports. He and his brother Ross introduced season five at a two-hour meeting. “The only other times I’ve seen her cry was at budget meetings,” he said.

“Those were different tears,” added executive producer Shawn Levy (54). “As a witness and after being in that two-hour pitch room and reading that first script, I’m paralyzed with fear that I’m going to spoil anything,” Levy said. The 54-year-old particularly praised the focus on the characters of the series. It is already clear that the fifth season will take care of their stories. ‘Cause that’s always been the lifeblood of ‘StrangerThings‘.”

Completing the storylines as a balancing act

“We submitted the first script a few weeks ago and are now on the second. It’s moving forward at full steam,” said Matt’s brother Ross Duffer. “I remember in the first season we were just amazed that Netflix allowed us to do that in the first place, but in season two we worked with the writers to develop an overall plan and backstory for all of this to make sure the Upside Down was the way it was.”

A big part of that plan started to be revealed in season four. “But we still have a long way to go. But just as importantly as the supernatural, we have so many characters now – most are still alive – and it’s important to wrap up those storylines. A lot of those characters have changed since the first season evolved, so giving them time to complete their character arcs while also tying up loose ends and making our final reveals is a balancing act.” Ross Duffer.

They see season five as “a culmination of all seasons,” he explained. You have a little bit of each other. Before that, each season had a clear imprint. The third was her “big summer blockbuster season with our big monster”, the fourth was characterized by “psychological horror”. They now want to return to the tone of the first season, but build on the scope of season four. “Hopefully it has a bit of everything,” says the director.


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