Strange results in the handball Bundesliga: nightmare for tipster – sport

Strange results in the handball Bundesliga: nightmare for tipster – sport

Prediction games are a complicated matter in the Handball Bundesliga. Who can predict something like that? A look at the last game day, the recently somewhat shaky but still powerful THW Kiel lost for the first time in 20 years on their own arena against the fourteenth table TBV Lemgo. On the same weekend, on the leader of the table Foxes Berlin failed at the previously pointless tail light GWD Minden.

If then the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, second in the table, concede a strange 40 goals against the eighth HSV Hamburg, it will finally be strange. As if there were no “top” or “bottom” in the table anymore.

The foxes, who have so far been considered a serious champion candidate, were in a correspondingly bad mood. Opponents Minden had previously collected exactly zero points and a goal difference of minus 76 and were deservedly at the bottom of the table after nine games. But then: 32:27 against the foxes, in the game last against first. Is that explainable?

“We only get shit goals,” complains the lion’s coach

Not for Foxes sports director Stefan Kretzschmar. Such a “failure festival shouldn’t happen,” grumbled the former world-class left winger, who accused his professionals of an arrogant appearance. If you “don’t really respect your opponent and go into a Bundesliga game with 90 instead of 100 percent, it will be difficult,” said Kretzschmar. In the second half, Berlin (possibly shocked by right winger Valter Chrintz’s knee injury) threw twelve goals, the bottom of the table from Minden a whopping 21.

There was no better mood in Kiel and Mannheim either. “We played badly”, judged THW captain Domagoj Duvnjak after the surprising 32:33 home defeat against Lemgo. Kiel is now only fifth. At the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, coach Sebastian Hinze called out during the break: “We only get shit goals.” With the result that a few more such goals were scored and Mannheim lost 37:40 in Hamburg. National player Patrick Groetzki already saw the old conditions falter. It was confirmed “week after week how strong the league is,” said Groetzki. Above? Below? Hard to say.

Which, actually, is pretty good news.

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