Strack-Zimmermann should apologize for insulting Merz

Strack-Zimmermann should apologize for insulting Merz

WFor critical remarks against the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz in a carnival speech, his party is asking for an apology from the FDP defense politician Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann. “That was another fall short of decent handling and decent language,” said CDU General Secretary Mario Czaja of the “Rheinische Post”. You don’t behave like the chairman of the defense committee, “not even at carnival”. He expects Strack-Zimmermann to apologize to Merz “and expresses that it was a lapse”.

In a speech at the award of the “Order against animal seriousness” in Aachen on Saturday, Strack-Zimmermann described the CDU chairman – without explicitly naming him – as a “mid-sized aircraft dwarf” that “nobody has twice”. wanted because it was hard to bear.

The FDP politician threw the sitting in the audience Merz also prescribes not to take the Reich citizen scene seriously. “If a Nazi prince goes too wild, then the flying dwarf suddenly becomes mild,” she rhymed. Strack-Zimmermann also addressed Merz’s comments in the debate about the riots on New Year’s Eve: “If a boy’s name is Ali and not Sascha, he insults him as an elementary school pasha.”

However, Strack-Zimmermann also lashed out in other directions: she called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “vodka dwarf” and a war criminal. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called her “Chancellor Dwarf” with “severe amnesia” – probably in reference to his statements in the Cum-Ex scandal.

The traffic light coalition described Strack-Zimmermann as their “first threesome”, which she commented with the comment: “Who would have thought before the election that such a smut would be fun.”

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