Storm on government quarters: security in the capital of Brazil strengthened

Storm on government district
Security tightened in Brazil’s capital

Last Sunday, Bolsonaro supporters stormed the seat of government and caused considerable damage.  f

Last Sunday, Bolsonaro supporters stormed the seat of government and caused considerable damage. photo

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Fear of attacks: Extensive security precautions are being taken in Brasília to quickly prevent new actions. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro wants to return to Brazil from the United States.

In view of the fear of renewed actions by radical supporters of of Brazil Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro has tightened security measures in the capital Brasília.

“A repeat of the events is out of the question,” said the head of security in the capital district, Ricardo Cappelli, on Brazilian television. Accordingly, the entire police force would be mobilized in the event of possible seditious acts. “The esplanade of the ministries is already closed to car traffic. There will be barriers, roadblocks and controls,” Cappelli continued.

More than 700 people in custody

More than 700 suspects remain in custody after the storming of Congress, the Supreme Court and the government seat, Palácio do Planalto. The Capital District Correctional Administration released the names of 763 detainees. They were both in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on Congress, the seat of government and the Supreme Court, as well as at the disbanding of a tent camp by Bolsonaro-Supporters arrested in front of the Armed Forces Headquarters in Brasília.

It was initially unclear whether the list now published includes all suspects who are still in custody. Overall had the police at least 1500 people arrested. Several hundred people arrested directly during the riots were taken to various prisons, around 1,200 Bolsonaro supporters from the protest camp to the Federal Police Academy to determine their personal details. However, numerous people such as mothers of young children and the elderly were later released.

Bolsonaro wants out USA return to Brazil

Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro is aiming for an early return from the USA to his home country. “I came to stay until the end of the month, but I intend to bring my return forward,” Bolsonaro told CNN Brasil after his discharge from a US hospital yesterday.

Bolsonaro was admitted to a US hospital earlier this week because of severe abdominal pain. Two days before the end of his term on New Year’s Eve, Bolsonaro flew to the United States with his family, where he has been in Florida since then. The US State Department declined to comment on Bolsonaro’s residency status in the United States. According to the US government, however, it had not received an extradition request against the former head of state.


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