Stones thrown at police officers during Halloween operation

Stones thrown at police officers during Halloween operation

In Hamburg numerous rioters kept the police in suspense on Halloween evening. In several parts of the city, many undisguised teenagers and young people met and set garbage containers on fire and threw objects at the emergency services, the police said on Tuesday.

It was mainly in the districts of Harburg and Wilhelmsburg that things got down to business. Up to 150 people had gathered there unannounced. When trying to break up these gatherings, stones, firecrackers, bottles and eggs were thrown at the police officers from the crowd. The meeting points were therefore cleared by the emergency services.

In addition, around a dozen people were temporarily taken into police custody in both parts of the city. In addition, around 20 criminal proceedings were initiated for breach of the peace and violations of the Weapons and Explosives Act.

Most of the celebrations were peaceful

“One really has to state that the overwhelming majority of children and young people walked the streets peacefully. That is also part of the truth,” said a police spokesman. In recent years, however, there have also been rioters Halloween discovered for themselves. The spokesman was initially unable to say how many operations there had been on Monday afternoon and evening. The spook was over around 10 p.m.

Not only in Hamburg but also in many other German cities there were incidents in which young people rioted and threw eggs.

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