Stoltenberg warns against underestimating Russia

Stoltenberg warns against underestimating Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has warned against underestimating the Russian military. As winter approaches, missiles continue to “rain” on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure. “We in Europe are paying for the war with high energy costs and inflation, Ukraine is paying with blood,” said Stoltenberg, speaking on Thursday at the Berlin Security Conference, an international meeting of politicians, the military and the defense industry.

“If totalitarian systems see that they can be successful, we will all pay a much higher price.” And further: “The best way to protect the peace is to help Ukraine.” It is now extremely important that the supporters of Ukraine would also take care to repair and maintain the supplied systems – artillery, rocket launchers and vehicles even after intense battles.

In addition, more ammunition should be provided. Stoltenberg once again commended the German contributions – military, financial and humanitarian – to this aid and called for no let-up. All attempts to prevent Russia from invading have been in vain, but NATO has sent clear signals. Stoltenberg called Germany’s reaction, the “turning point,” “historic”. “We need a strong and operational Bundeswehr and a strong armaments industry,” he said. NATO relies on Germany and counts on them armed forces.

Scholz promotes “integrated security”

On the eve had Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) campaigned at the conference for more intensive armaments cooperation at European level and said that a “breakthrough” had been achieved in the joint European combat aircraft system with France and Spain. “The guiding principle is integrated security,” says Scholz. Scholz paid tribute to Norway, the partner country of the conference, as one of Germany’s closest allies in military cooperation, especially in the two countries’ navies. The fact that Germany will probably get through the winter safely is also due to Norway and its increased gas supplies.

Stoltenberg also pledged support for establishing a NATO center to monitor offshore infrastructure. This primarily involves production platforms, pipelines and cables. “It is in our vital interest to do more to secure this infrastructure and protect it from acts of sabotage in the future,” said the NATO Secretary General.

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