Stoltenberg calls for “a strong Bundeswehr” – and more ammunition for the Ukraine

Stoltenberg calls for “a strong Bundeswehr” – and more ammunition for the Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg

The NATO Secretary General sees a contribution to global security in Germany’s rearmament.

(Photo: Reuters)

Berlin Nato-Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has Germany urged to consistently continue on the path of strengthening its armed forces. The investments in new combat aircraft, helicopters, ships and submarines are historic and truly a turning point, reflecting the changed security situation after the Russian war of aggression in the Ukraine be reacted to, said Stoltenberg on Thursday at the Berlin Security Conference.

“We need a strong and ready Bundeswehr,” said the Norwegian, who also emphasized the importance of the defense industry in Germany. “This is important for Germany’s security. It’s important for Europe’s security and it’s important for global security,” he said.

In view of the winter that has now set in, aid for Ukraine must be continued and increased. “We should Russia don’t underestimate. Further, Russian missiles and drones are falling on Ukrainian cities, civilians and critical infrastructure, causing great human suffering as winter begins.”

Stoltenberg welcomed financial, humanitarian and military aid from Germany. He said: “We see the difference this makes every day on the battlefield.”

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The Ukrainian army complains about a lack of ammunition and artillery systems, such as the Panzerhaubitzen 2000 supplied by Germany and the Netherlands. Germany is one of them Nato-States that supplied the most arms to Ukraine. The NATO Secretary General will also meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the afternoon.

NATO: Stoltenberg calls for resistance against authoritarian regimes

Stoltenberg called for standing in the way of authoritarian regimes. Otherwise everyone would pay a high price if aggressors won or autocracies triumphed over freedom and democracy. So helping Ukraine is the best way to support lasting peace, he said.

Consequences for dealing with China must also be drawn from the dangerous dependency on Russian gas. Stoltenberg: “Of course we will continue to trade with China and be economically involved, but we have to be clear about dependencies and vulnerability and reduce them – and manage the risks.”

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