Stock pension offers these opportunities

Stock pension offers these opportunities

Stocks can be more than an umbrella against the storms of age.
Image: Maximilian von Lachner

How much your pension could be today if you had invested 45 years’ pension contributions in the stock market and why you should take matters into your own hands.

II guessed it. Stocks and Germans just don’t go together. And stocks and bonds? So please, that doesn’t work at all! It is therefore no wonder that the stock annuity, which is to be built up in the coming years in order to stabilize the contributions to the pension insurance, meets with fierce resistance. I’m not going to take a stand for the modernization of statutory pension insurance because it’s pointless trying to convince those who oppose this idea of ​​the opposite.

Instead, I would like to use figures to show you, dear readers, how high your current pension could be if the payments made over the last 45 years stock exchange would have been created. Then the clever minds among you, i.e. the readers of the content of this medium in general and my columns in particular, will quickly recognize how worthwhile it is to invest part of your money in shares, loosely based on the motto: If the state does not want to , then I’ll take matters into my own hands. Agreed?

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