Stick to the goal of 400,000 apartments per year

Stick to the goal of 400,000 apartments per year

Olaf Scholz and Klara Geywitz

The chancellor and the building minister want to campaign for more affordable housing.

(Photo: Reuters)

Berlin Despite all the problems in construction due to delivery difficulties and high energy prices, the federal government does not want to give up its goal of 400,000 new apartments a year. “We are sticking to the goal, that has to be said explicitly,” said the Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday at the presentation of a package of measures by the so-called Alliance for Affordable Housing.

Times have gotten tougher. However, nothing has changed in terms of the need for affordable housing. “We need more affordable housing,” said Scholz. This is of the utmost importance for social cohesion.

Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz (SPD) launched the alliance at the end of April with 35 partners from federal states, business and welfare associations to construction and real estate associations. Around 190 measures were agreed, which are primarily aimed at accelerating and simplifying construction.

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