Stephanie Stumph: "Being a mom is a big challenge"

Stephanie Stump
"Being a mom is a big challenge"

How is Stephanie Stumph doing after the birth of her son?

How is Stephanie Stumph doing after the birth of her son?

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Actress Stephanie Stumph gave a glimpse into her motherhood and life with her son.

Stephanie Stumph (38) has in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper talked about her everyday life as a mother. "Since my son was born, I've slowly worked my way into the responsibilities that I will now have in the future," she explained, adding: "Being a mom is a big challenge, but also very enriching."

After the birth about three months ago, she became "much more sensitive". "Since I mother am, I am built much closer to the water. I'm still completely in the hormones, feeling many things much more intensely," said the actress. "I used to behave more distantly in many situations. Now I'm just hormonal."

She doesn't care about baby pounds at the moment, she said blunt further. "There's still a long way to go before I get back to my original state. But that's totally fine. At some point I'll be disciplined again in terms of food and exercise." Stumph is also "fully in working mode" again, and has been shooting for "Der Alte" and "Stubbe" since birth. Her son, who according to "Bild" is called Anton, is always there on the set. "Everyone in the family also helps, they practically pull themselves together."

Stephanie Stumph is "completely in love"

The actress gave birth to her son in June at Instagram announced. Sharing a picture of the baby's feet, she wrote, "You've been looking at the world for a few days little man and we're so in love with you."

In mid-April, Stephanie Stumph confirmed in a "Bunte" interview that she was expecting a child. She was already in the ninth month, she said at the time. And: "It's an absolute dream child." Stumph also spoke about the father of her first child, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Munich. She found her dream partner in her Florian.

The two met after shooting for the crime series "Der Alte". She broke her ring finger and had to go to the hospital. There she met the man she knew in the emergency room: "It's him!"


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