Steinmeier commemorates the “break in civilization caused by the Holocaust”

AAt an event in Bellevue Palace to commemorate the events of November 9th, the Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier said on Wednesday that “in our country it will never really be possible to commemorate November 9th” without remembering the “break in civilization caused by the Holocaust”. “November 9 will always prompt us to fight anti-Semitism”. Steinmeier had invited to the event together with the Central Council of Jews.

Its President Joseph Schuster With a view to the November pogroms of 1938, he warned not to suppress the memory of the extermination of the Jews and the horrors of the Nazi era. Schuster described the debate about the commemoration on November 9 as a “question of identity”. He opposed the term “German fateful day” – it was “no fate” “that the Germans became the annihilators of European Jewry”.

November 9 stands for several historical events in Germany: On November 9, 1918, the social democrat Philipp Scheidemann proclaimed the republic after the First World War. November 9, 1938 stands for the November pogroms of the National Socialists. On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. The event at Bellevue Palace was entitled “How do we remember November 9th? A day between pogrom and democratic awakenings”.

The question of “correct memory” is very important, said Schuster. The “iconic images of the fall of the wall full of confidence, hope and color” should not “overlay the images of the burning synagogues full of despair, sadness and dark shadows”. November 9, 1938 meant “the turning point in which Germany initiated the break in civilization”. “Not all lessons have been learned from it”.

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