Steinmeier appoints Pistorius as Minister of Defense

Steinmeier appoints Pistorius as Minister of Defense

Scholz, Steinmeier, Pistorius, Lambrecht

The former interior minister of Lower Saxony, Boris Pistorius (SPD), succeeds Christine Lambrecht (SPD) as the new defense minister.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin The new Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) has received his certificate of appointment. Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier presented it to him on Thursday morning at Bellevue Palace in Berlin.

Pistorius was previously Interior Minister of Lower Saxony and was surprisingly appointed to the Federal Cabinet by Chancellor Scholz. The resigned Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) received her dismissal certificate.

Pistorius is to be sworn in in the Bundestag in the morning. Immediately thereafter, the Inspector General of the armed forcesEberhard Zorn, received the new minister with military honors in the Bendler Block, the seat of the Ministry of Defence.

Steinmeier wished Pistorius “perseverance, good luck and a happy hand”. the SPD-Politicians take over the ministerial office in a threat and dangerous situation that Germany haven’t known for a long time and have to get started right away.

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“For all the upcoming challenges and necessary reforms, you now need a cool head, good nerves, strong leadership, clear language and political experience,” said the Federal President. According to Steinmeier, Pistorius has shown all of this in other demanding political offices.

Steinmeier emphasizes the importance of Ukraine support

The Federal President also warned that the Bundeswehr had to become “deterrable and ready to defend” again. Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine destroyed the European security order. The armed forces must “consistently” fulfill the core task of national and alliance defense and need a “solid” number of personnel.

“As a strong country in the middle of Europe, we have a responsibility not only for ourselves but also for others,” added Steinmeier.

The Federal President stressed that Germany would continue to support Ukraine militarily and would help “rebuild a battered country”.

“Germany is not at war, but the years of peace dividends, from which we Germans have benefited so much and for so long, are over,” said Steinmeier. An epoch against the wind is beginning for Germany. “We must respond to threats that are also aimed at us.”

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