Steffen Schraut: These fashion trends dominate spring

Steffen Schraut: These fashion trends dominate spring

Steffen Schraut
These fashion trends dominate spring

Fashion designer Steffen Schraut celebrated his 20th fashion anniversary in 2022.

Fashion designer Steffen Schraut celebrated his 20th fashion anniversary in 2022.

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“In 2023, the 2000s fashion trend will really get going,” reveals designer Steffen Schraut. Pattern mixes and bright colors are now the order of the day.

Even if spring is still a bit hesitant, the winter clothes will soon be finally back in the closet. It’s finally time for skirts, dresses and lots of color again. “Patterns in particular are definitely a big topic in the fashion world this year,” says the fashion designer Steffen Schraut and reveals the big fashion trends for this spring in an interview.

What are the big fashion trends this spring?

Steffen Schraut: We can look forward to stripes, checks, polka dots, animal prints and bright colors! The 2000s are back – with colorful outfits and wild combinations. The whole thing is worn in a casually elegant way, instead of being skin-tight and shrill. If you like it more subtle, you can simply set accents with stylish accessories.

So we can be bold when it comes to patterns and colors?

Schraut: Yes, patterns in particular are definitely a big topic in the fashion world this year. They bring zest to any simple outfit, but can also be combined with each other. Animal and nature prints in bright colors are my personal highlights of the season. I also picked them up in my current collection at QVC. In this spring the colors are a mix of calm and vitality. Pastel shades and single-colored pieces meet bright colors and patterns that can be combined with each other as the mood takes you. Black is back too and provides elegant contrasts.

Which key pieces shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe?

Schraut: Classic and timeless key pieces are a white blouse, blue jeans and a light cashmere cardigan. This allows you to perfectly combine somewhat more unusual trend pieces. A must-have for me are two-piece suits consisting of a jacket and trousers or a top and skirt, which can be casually styled individually or together to create a wow effect.

And which cuts and styles are particularly in demand right now?

Schraut: Practical, uncomplicated, stylish – that’s the motto for them fashion trends in spring/summer. For some time now nothing has been done without the oversized look. This will not change in 2023 either. There are also ruffles and fringes. Blouses and dresses with statement sleeves are particularly popular.

Which materials should we rely on now?

Schraut: We should focus on light and durable fabrics. I’m a fan of viscose because it’s so comfortable to wear, but also easy to care for and doesn’t need to be ironed. It is important for all items of clothing that the more often we wear them, the more sustainable the purchase is.

Which trends from recent years will spring fashion 2023 pick up on again?

Schraut: In 2023, the 2000s fashion trend will really get going! That means logo prints, pattern mixes, denim outfits, long skirts, suit waistcoats for women and much more find their way into wardrobes or are used again in new suits. I like the trend of constantly re-styling favorite pieces. So you shouldn’t clean out and buy new every year, but always make a conscious decision for a piece of clothing and focus on targeted style updates.

And what, on the other hand, is completely out and can safely stay in the closet?

screw. Fashion should be fun! So whatever you like is allowed. However, if something is only hanging in the closet because it might fit again at some point, then the question is more: what can confidently be taken out of the closet? Clothing is made to fit our body and not the other way around. Wear what you feel most comfortable in!

What about accessories, what shouldn’t be missing in spring?

Schraut: In spring 2023, accessories will again be worn as statements. Jewellery, shoes, bags, scarves – everything can be XXL to give simple outfits a modern and exciting touch. At the same time, large bags have the advantage that they offer space for everything we need in everyday life – and hopefully sunglasses will be part of that again soon.


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