Steffen Baumgart: Cologne coach annoys the referee's performance

Trainer Stephen Baumgart has after the earned 0: 1 (0: 1) of his 1. FC Köln against Union Berlin sharp criticism of referee Benjamin Cortus and his team. Baumgart complained to DAZN that he "no longer wanted to accept the performance of the referees because it just gets on my balls," but emphasized: "The defeat was not due to the referees. We were inferior in every respect.”

Baumgart was particularly bothered by the very dubious penalty whistle in the tenth minute when central defender Luca Kilian got the ball on the arm from close range and from behind. "The boy has his back to the ball, gets the ball on his upper arm. This is bullshit, this is ridiculous. That's not the rule," said the Cologne coach. Kilian saw a yellow card for this action – and ended up being sent off the field after a foul game with yellow-red (81st).

Basically, Baumgart complained that players no longer pay attention to the ball in aerial duels, but "only jump into the opponent". He has "a problem with that in the long run" because he learned it differently during his time as an active player and passed it on to his players accordingly: "But maybe I should include that in my training that you can just jump into the man without consequence .”

Despite all the anger at the referee – Baumgart had kicked the gang angrily after the final whistle – the 50-year-old praised the Berliners enthusiastically. "We didn't have a trick and deserved to lose the game," said Baumgart: "In the first half, Union was the best team I've seen here in a long time. They are much more advanced than us.”

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