Stefan Mross: penalty order for the pop singer

Stefan Mross: penalty order for the pop singer

GAgainst the pop singer and moderator Stephen Mross the District Court of Leipzig issued a penalty order last year after a dispute. It was about an argument with a young man in a Leipzig hotel on May 1, 2022.

In the course of the investigation into the allegations of bodily harm and attempted coercion, there was sufficient suspicion, as a spokesman for the judicial authority said on Saturday when asked by the dpa. The penalty order “has been final since November”. No information was given on the amount of the fine imposed. Mross described the process in the “image”, which also first reported on the case.

After that, there was no court hearing because the singer did not appeal the decision. The man initially insulted and insulted him at dinner in the restaurant as a “schlager fuzzi” and “playback artist”, Mross told the newspaper. When he then followed the singer to the room and continued to make fun of him, Mross grabbed his shirt collar.

“The likelihood of me doing something like that is zero. But the guy got on my nerves,” said Mross. “The horses simply ran away with me. I’m not proud of that.” According to “Bild”, the 47-year-old TV star now has a criminal record and gets an entry in the federal central register.

Mross is considered one of the most famous German folk musicians. Since 2005, the native Bavarian has been presenting the ARD entertainment program “Always Again on Sundays”. There he also met his third wife, the singer Anna-Carina Woitschack, in 2016, whom he met live in the music show in 2020 Schlager love story.2020 married. Moderator Florian Silbereisen acted as best man. In November 2022, the couple announced their separation.

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