State of emergency in Washington over buses with migrants

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser speaks last March.
Image: AP/Alex Brandon

The Republican-governed states of Texas and Arizona allow migrants who reach the United States via Mexico to continue their journey directly. The capital now has to come to terms with the situation – and that is not easy.

Dhe mayor of the US capital Washington, Muriel Bowser, has declared a state of emergency in the face of numerous buses arriving in the city with migrants from the Texas border area. She announced on Thursday (local time) that she would open a new coordination center due to the "ongoing humanitarian crisis" to better support people upon arrival.

The District of Columbia will initially provide $10 million and then seek federal reimbursement. The declaration of a state of emergency allows federal funds to be diverted.

Texas and Arizona pass through

Bowser is responding to the ongoing conflict with the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona on the border with Mexico. In the spring, the governors began busing migrants from the border areas to Washington, New York and Chicago in order to hand over responsibility to the democratically run cities.

In Washington alone, more than 9,000 migrants have reportedly arrived in buses. "With this plan, we remain true to our values ​​and are building a system that supports a compassionate, consistent, and well-coordinated response," Bowser said.

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