State Funeral for the Queen: Mourners flock to Westminster Abbey

State Funeral for the Queen
Mourners flock to Westminster Abbey

US President Joe Biden at Westminster Abbey.

US President Joe Biden at Westminster Abbey.

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Heads of state from all over the world bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey. These prominent mourners are there.

Guests at the State Funeral for Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) are in London Westminster Abbey arrived. Among them are French President Emmanuel Macron (44) and his wife Brigitte (69) and US President Joe Biden (79) with his wife Jill (71), who drove up in his armored limousine called “The Beast”. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (50) and his wife Sophie (47) are among the heads of government who have arrived.

Also visible in the pictures which, among other things, the “Daily Mail” of the celebrity arrivals at Westminster Abbey are King Felipe VI of Spain. (54) with Queen Letizia (50). Royals from all over the world take part in the state funeral.

Assembly of Former Prime Ministers

The Queen appointed 15 British Presidents during her reign prime minister, from Winston Churchill (1874-1965) to Liz Truss (47), whom she welcomed in Balmoral two days before her death for her inaugural visit. In addition to Liz Truss, other former heads of government are now gathering in Westminster Abbey to say goodbye to the Queen: John Major (79), Tony Blair (69), Gordon Brown (71), David Cameron (55), Theresa May ( 65) and Boris Johnson (58) are on site with their spouses.

Princess Kate’s parents, 40, Carole, 67, and Michael, 73, Middleton were among the first to arrive before the service began. After them, among others, Tom Parker Bowles (47), the son of Queen Consort Camilla (75), arrived.


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