Star Wars actor Ray Park: What became of cult Sith "Darth Maul"?

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Although only a supporting character, he is one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. The lightsaber fight in Episode 1 made Darth Maul unforgettable for many fans. So much so that the makers even brought him back from his death. In the animated series, we learn that Maul was able to save himself and gain robotic legs. Then, in May 2018, a scene in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" cause a stir. Because at the end of the film, the cult villain reports back. Ray Park even slipped back into the role of the villain for the screen comeback. Maul had already embodied him in Star Wars Episode 1. But what is the actor actually doing today?
Park grew up in Scotland, the second of three children. From an early age he was a fan of kung fu films and took up martial arts. He made his debut as a stuntman in the movie Mortal Kombat 2. Two years later, Park was introduced to George Lucas. The director loved it, cast him for the role of Darth Maul and gave him complete freedom in developing the fighting style. After that, Park stood in films like "Sleepy Hollow", "X-Men" or "GI Joe" in front of the camera. For "Solo: A Star Wars Story" he slipped back into the role of Darth Maul in 2018. Since then he has not been in front of the camera. Park is married and the father of two children. The family will travel a lot around the world together.

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