Star chef Alfred Friedrich died

Star chef Alfred Friedrich died

ZCooking was the happiness of his life, he stood at the stove as long as he could. Many didn’t even know that it hadn’t always been easy for him for a few years, and his guests certainly didn’t feel it. In the “Golden Kron” in Frankfurt’s Eschersheim district, Alfred Friedrich, a man who cooked stars, worked with the greats of his guild and was one himself, found a professional station that he hoped would be his last. when nobody had to fear that.

Jacqueline Vogt

Department head of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

A soft-spoken Austrian born in 1957, Alfred Friedrich has come a long way with a career not uncommon in the culinary world. Friedrich learned in an inn. He cooked at Eckhart Witzigmann’s “Aubergine” and at Jorg Mueller on Sylt. He was head chef in Frankfurt in the former gourmet restaurant “Brückenkeller”, he was at the stove next to Heinz Winkler in Aschau. He was self-employed twice, he had a Michelin star.

In 2009 he became head chef at the “Tiger Gourmet Restaurant”, in 2012 he moved to the “Lafleur” in the Palmengarten-Gesellschaftshaus and in 2015 to the “1718” restaurant in Deidesheim. In 2017 he came back to Frankfurt and took over the “Golden Kron” in Eschersheim, which he turned into what he called a noble inn. He didn’t feel like making any compromises at his age, he said immediately before the opening, and he didn’t make any either, but rather served what he and his team prepared with heart and joy, whether with a schnitzel or a fine fish as the focal point or a vegetable.

In the classical French tradition, Friedrich was always a Product fanatic more than a flavor juggler, he worked, as he puts it, in a straightforward manner. That he Even if he voluntarily went below the level of gourmet cuisine and was not willing to sever his roots in it, this was what made up the quality and charm of his later cuisine.

An Austrian should be allowed to ask how the perfect Wiener Schnitzel should be fried. “It’s not difficult,” he replied, you just have to do it well: Take the meat from the saddle of veal. Beat it thin, but not paper-thin Fry in clarified butter, moving the pan so that the meat is always covered with a little fat.

As has now become known, Alfred Friedrich died on Tuesday (March 7), a few days before his 66th birthday, in the presence of his wife and close friends. The “Golden Kron” will remain open for the time being, the employees wanted to put a menu in homage to their boss on the menu, it said on Friday.

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