"Squid Game": Will Leonardo DiCaprio play one day?

"Squid Games"
Will Leonardo DiCaprio play in it one day?

Leonardo DiCaprio could possibly star in a third season of the Netflix series set outside of South Korea

Leonardo DiCaprio could possibly star in a third season of the Netflix series that would be set outside of South Korea.

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The 'Squid Game' creator is thinking loudly about starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the future.

At the Emmy Awards a few days ago, there were a total of six prizes for the angry Netflix series "Squid Game", including the Emmy for series star Lee Jung-jae (49) as "Lead Actor in a Drama Series". Series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk (51) also received the Emmy for "Best Director" for the opening episode "Red Light, Green Light". At a press conference in his home country of South Korea, Hwang also revealed that he might ask superstar Leonardo DiCaprio (47) for a potential third season of the series. That reports "Variety".

There are no Hollywood stars in season two

In the already confirmed second "squid According to the series maker, no Hollywood stars will appear in the Game" season. This is "not part of his plan", says Hwang, since the new episodes are again set in South Korea. However, should Netflix order a third season, this could obviously change change.

"Leonardo DiCaprio said he's a big fan of 'Squid Game,' so if time or opportunity allows, we might ask him to be in the games," the series creator said loving series.

"Squid Game": What the series maker reveals about season two

The second edition will therefore start production next year, around 2024 Netflix to appear. The budget and thus the production values ​​of the series will be significantly higher this time, as the series maker also revealed. He has also already determined the - presumably again deadly - games that will be seen in the new episodes.


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