“Spider-Man”: British TV cuts homophobic slogan away

“Spider Man”
British TV cuts out homophobic slogan

Tobey Maguire in his first film as "Spider Man" 2002

Tobey Maguire in his first film as Spider-Man in 2002.

© imago images/Mary Evans

A British TV station censored a scene from “Spider-Man” (2002) starring Tobey Maguire. A homophobic joke was missing.

The British TV station showed a censored version of “Spider-Man” (2002) with Tobey Maguire (46). A homophobic saying by Spider-Man aka Peter Parker was not heard during the broadcast. A Twitter user who is bisexual according to his profile description posted a video of the scene. Multiple media such as “Screenrant” echoed his observation.

Missing reference to wrestler’s husband

In the scene in question rises Peter Parker with a wrestler in the ring. He was just bitten by a radioactive spider and now he wants to test his superhero powers. To his opponent, who is wearing a classic, skin-tight wrestling outfit, he says: “That’s a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?” So in German: “Sweet costume. Did your husband give you that?”.

Only the first sentence was heard in the TV broadcast. The allusion to an alleged husband is missing.

“Spider-Man” was the first appearance of 2002 Toby Maguire as a spider man. Along with “X-Men” (2000), it is regarded as the film that started the current superhero boom.


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