Special game between Buccaneers and Seahawks

NOf course it was Tom Brady who initiated this historic moment. The big star of American football, the face of the National Football League (NFL) and by far their most successful player to date threw accurately to wide receiver Julio Jones. He caught the pass safely, turned 90 degrees in a split second, sprinted towards the end zone, crashed into an opponent with full force and just about made it over the line. touchdown.

It was the first touchdown in a regular NFL season game in Germany. brady, 45 and now in his 23rd pro season, laid the foundation for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 21-16 win over the Seattle Seahawks. And he made it clear that even late in his career, he can still be counted on to do what Brady does best: lead a football team to success as a quarterback.

nervousness noticeable

The backdrop in front of which the seven-time Super Bowl winner did this on Sunday was unique even for the veteran. The NFL had never organized one of its so-called “Regular Season Games” in Germany before, but since this year the Federal Republic has been one of the permanent players in the internationalization strategy of the world’s most popular sports league. “You won’t remember every game in your career, but this one will be remembered,” Brady said before the game. And: “I will be excited. The fans too, I’m sure.”

In fact, that nervousness seemed to be evident in the players of both teams, who joined Brady on that cold November evening in Munich wrote a little piece of football history. With every move, however, the pros from North America got used to the natural grass in the FC Bayern stadium, which is slightly slippery due to the dampness, and at the latest after Brady’s touchdown pass, who has won everything there is to win in this sport, took it the game on the usual drive for the NFL.

How could it be otherwise? Brady, who was in top form in places, put the end to the game, handing the ball over to his running back just under two minutes before the end of the game, who scored a new first down and thus also the Buccaneers’ victory.

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