SPD puts pressure on the quick start of the 49-euro ticket

SPD puts pressure on the quick start of the 49-euro ticket

SPD is pushing for a quick SPD ticket

The SPD wants to introduce the 49-euro ticket as soon as possible.

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Berlin The SPD is putting pressure on the planned 49-euro ticket for local transport to start as soon as possible. SPD faction deputy Detlef Müller told the German Press Agency in Berlin: “The Germany ticket must come as quickly as possible and without further ado. The Ministry of Transport, the federal states and associations must work at full speed on implementation instead of fighting further on detailed questions. People expect a cheap and easy solution.”

According to Müller, transitional regulations would make sense for the introductory phase. “A ticket in paper form should also be possible. This would give smaller associations and transport companies more buffers to implement a digital offer. There is also a need for more flexibility during the introductory phase with the take-away regulations. Until a nationwide regulation is found, it should be checked whether the previous local regulations for local transport subscriptions can apply on a transitional basis.”

When exactly the nationwide valid 49-euro ticket (“Deutschlandticket”) will come is still open. The countries are aiming for an introduction by April 1st, but recently skeptical tones have been heard again and again. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) had said that the ticket should be valid from the beginning of May at the latest.

Wissing recently told the newspapers of the Funke media group that the transport associations and companies were facing drastic changes that would change many business models. While some are quicker to implement, others need more time.

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As the “Rheinische Post” reported, there are still numerous unanswered questions regarding the implementation of the Deutschlandticket – for example legal aspects, the tariff regulations, the conditions of carriage and the technical implementation. In a response from the Ministry of Transport to a request from the Union, it was said that the legislative process for introducing the Germany ticket should take place at the beginning of the year.

The nationwide usable ticket for buses and trains in local transport should have an introductory price of 49 euros per month. The goal is to build on the popular 9-euro ticket from the summer. A digitally bookable, monthly terminable subscription is planned.

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