SPD in front, AfD is getting stronger

Vbefore the state elections in Lower Saxony on October 9th SPD according to a new survey by Infratest dimap on behalf of the NDR, still in the lead with 32 percent. The co-governing CDU led by top candidate Bernd Althusmann is also one percentage point stronger than in the last survey in August, coming to 28 percent.

The Greens lose two percentage points and come to 17 percent. Red Green, the desired constellation of Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), would thus continue to achieve a majority in the state parliament. However, the lead is shrinking slightly.

The FDP, which lost by one point to five percent, has to worry about the re-entry. the AfD on the other hand, it increases by two points to nine percent - the highest value measured in surveys in the state since 2018. The Left Party remains at four percent.

Relative satisfaction grows

Of those surveyed, 57 percent said they were satisfied with Prime Minister Weil's work. With Economics Minister and CDU top candidate Althusmann it is 41 percent. The relative satisfaction with the previous red-black coalition in Hanover is growing.

This is also reflected in the answers to the question about the coalition preference after the election. Because only 40 percent (minus three) are now in favor of red-green, while the approval of a continuation of the alliance between SPD and CDU increases by 36 percent (plus three). All other constellations, including a traffic light government at state level, are significantly less popular. Respondents named energy policy as the predominant topic.

Who would you choose?

The state elections in Lower Saxony will take place on October 9, 2022. Compare the parties' answers with your positions.

To the Wahl-O-Mat

The polling institute Infratest dimap surveyed a total of 1,156 eligible voters by telephone or online between September 15 and 20. The margin of error is between 2 and 3 percentage points.

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