SPD: Gas cover costs a three-digit billion amount

NThe gas price brake is still nothing more than a declaration of intent by the traffic light government to calm unsettled citizens and business leaders. But it is already clear that any form of government-mandated price reduction will entail horrendous costs. In any case, the parliamentary manager of the SPD parliamentary group, Katja Mast, assumes that the cap on gas prices will cost a “three-digit billion amount” a year.

Mast commented on the financial feasibility despite the Federal Finance Minister’s adherence to the debt brake Christian Lindner (FDP) confident. After recognizing the need for a brake, she was sure “that we will see the necessary financial means”.

No concrete decisions

Concrete resolutions were also a long time coming in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday because the federal government is working flat out on an “overall solution”, as government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit emphasized. The aim of this is to protect consumers and companies from high gas prices, to stabilize the gas market and to ensure security of supply in Germany.

Lindner also recently emphasized that not only should prices be limited, but that the range also had to be expanded, for example by restarting more coal-fired power plants and longer running times for the remaining nuclear power plants.

The path now seems clear for the latter: Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) announced on Tuesday evening that that two nuclear power plants could remain online until mid-April. Of the FDP However, if this is not enough, it wishes that the existing nuclear power would be used for a longer period of time.

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