Spain players rebel against coach Jorge Vilda

Mriots against the national coach and dispute over a press release from the association: Spanish football is being shaken by a “rebellion”. "Earthquake in the women's team," headlined the newspaper Sport. The conflict with coach Jorge Vilda, which had been smoldering for weeks, came to a head for the time being, with almost ten months before the start of the World Cup, the home blessing of the title candidate is lopsided.

15 players complained on Thursday about what they considered to be an unqualified coach. Twelve of them were part of the European Championship squad this summer, nine were in the starting XI in the 0-2 group game against Germany. The RFEF association took this as a resignation and announced it to the public as such – which promptly led to the next fuss.

"We didn't resign"

"We have definitely not resigned from the national team, as the association claims in its official statement," said the players in an open letter on Friday evening and complained about the abbreviated rendering of their messages.

Nevertheless, the impression remained that the rebels wanted to force the association to dismiss Vilda - but the RFEF, unlike the last time the referees' strike, remains stubborn.

The RFEF "will not allow players to question the continuity of the national team coach and his coaching staff as such decisions are not within their remit," it said in a statement. The players had previously stated in emails with identical wording that the current situation was "significantly" affecting their "emotional state" and "health".

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