Sophia Thomalla suffers from a rare gene defect

Sophia Thomasla suffers from a venous malformation, a very rare genetic defect, as the actress and entrepreneur said in an Instagram story.

You have already endured “countless surgeries”.

"The next operation for me is already pending, my right forearm is affected," said the thirty-two-year-old.

The valves in the veins are not functional in the affected areas of the body.

She is now making her suffering public because a Russian girl named Kira has the same disease, "only exorbitantly worse".

Kira had to be operated on quickly, otherwise her life would be threatened. Nobody wants to help her because she comes from Russia.

Thomalla asks for donations for the operation, which costs 30,000 euros, since Kira cannot be treated in Russia but has to be brought to Hamburg.

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